The Cuisine of Salento

The cuisine of Salento is rich of smells and tradition. Agorà Restaurant is specialized in traditional cuisine of Salento. This page is a summary of the most important dishes from Salento:

Example of traditional main courses:

Ciceri e tria

Chickpeas and pasta soup served with fried pasta. The "Tria"is a typical pasta from Lecce.This kind of dish is the only speciality of Apulia in Scanderbeg Museum in Rome.

Fae e cicore
Broad beans purée and chicories in Extra-virgin olive oil served with fried bread. In the past it was the meal of peasants, but today, this speciality is served in the best hotels and restaurants of Apulia.
It is a traditional dish of Lecce, made of rice, potatoes, mussels, tomatoes, onions and courgettes.
It is a traditional dish of Lecce, made of fried aubergines, tomato and other recipes. In general, this traditional dish is made of fried aubergines, tomato, boiled eggs, mozzarella cheese and other recipes

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Home made pasta

Here you are some of the traditional Home made gallery.
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